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Linux on the Desktop
Could you really use Linux as a replacement for Windows. Find out the answers here.

Controlling Internet Misuse at Work
How to crack down on unauthorized use.

Review: the Best Places to Buy Cheap Inkjet Printer Cartridges

Learn how our Editor, Robert Schifreen, cut his inkjet printer cartridge costs from $26.95 to $3.95! From our sister site, Tech Support Alert.

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Cheap inkjet printer cartridges -the best sites

Understanding the Windows Registry Tutorial


From our Editor, Robert Schifreen

 "How I found you the  best sites for cheap ink cartridges "

 I know I'm a cheapskate but I just hate constantly spending my money on new ink cartridges for my inkjet printer. The things are just so expensive and my printer positively chews through them.

I've seen dozens of ads for sites that sell compatible inkjet cartridges but quite frankly  I don't know most of these suppliers and have no idea of the quality of the products they sell.

"Well," I thought, "enough is enough!", so I asked my assistant editor, to seek out the best and cheapest suppliers on the Net.

Well he has completed his survey and done a brilliant job.

If you are looking for the very best ink cartridge sites in terms of customer support then go straight to his reviews of the best sites selling cheap inkjet printer cartridges.  He's bought ink cartridges from all the sites listed and can attest to the quality offered.

If the price of your ink cartridges is this most important issue for you, then check out Ian's price watch of sites selling cheap inkjet cartridges. Here we carry out a weekly price check on scores of cheap ink cartridge sites and list the cheapest ten. Some of the sites offering cheap ink cartridges also rated highly in our quality based review and these sites should be your first port of call.

Once you've seen just how cheaply you can buy quality compatible ink cartridges, I'm sure you'll end up never buying original ink cartridges again!

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